Former Married At First Sight Australia contestant Dean Wells lifted the lid on the show that made him famous in an explosive radio interview this morning, claiming that MAFS is "so fake".

Wells spoke to Hot91's Dave, Sam and Ash today after last night becoming the first celebrity eliminated from the Aussie version of Dancing With The Stars.

When one of the radio hosts questioned his "star" status, season 5 MAFS contestant Wells shot back: "I was on the highest rating TV show in Australian history, and it somehow ridiculously seemed to be about me and some fake little affair.

"MAFS is so fake, it's so silly. I cannot believe people even watch that show. I've never watched it before and I never will, it's so silly. I thought it was common knowledge."


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Wells' interviewers countered that they'd "spoken to heaps of people who say it's not fake, it's not scripted".

Addressing the negative public reaction to his MAFS appearances, Wells said: "I don't blame anyone for having negative opinions of me. Some of the things I did and said I'm not proud of, but I'd also suggest a good 30 to 40 per cent of it is manipulated. They encourage you to say things … or they just blatantly edit a word from one sentence and put it on the end of another sentence so it's completely incorrect."

Dean with his on-screen
Dean with his on-screen "wife" Tracey Jewel. Photo / Supplied

Speaking to before his short-lived stint on Dancing With The Stars, Wells admitted he was "hesitant" to appear on the show given the impact his MAFS portrayal had on his reputation.

"I didn't like the way I was portrayed on MAFS, so it definitely wasn't a decision I made lightly," he said of agreeing to appear on the dancing competition.

"After MAFS, people wanted to cling on to what they saw in the past of me. It was not me that people saw; it was such a manipulated situation, it just wasn't who I am.

"With Dancing, all I can really do is be myself, try my hardest and learn the dances, get my discipline and my commitment levels up … If Australia sees a different side of me through that, then that's great."