Was it Owen or was it Simon who called Marcus Lush last night?

We're not too sure.

Confusion over the listener's name led to a hilarious exchange between Newstalk ZB host Marcus Lush and the caller.

"Is that me? Oh, Owen. Not Simon, Owen," the man replied from the other end of the line when Lush greeted him.


Confused, the host asked for clarification about who he was talking to.

"My name is Simon but you can call me Owen."

The caller - Simon or Owen - went on to ask the host how he deals with the different topics people call about.

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"It's amazing how you can make yourself interested in people's views or non-views, whether they like it or not."

"I'm still confused about your name," the host replied.

At the end of the exchange, Marcus Lush asked the caller "what's my name?", to which the man responded: "Simon."

We're still confused about who Simon is - or indeed whether there was even a Simon in the conversation at all.