We're two weeks in to the first season of The Bachelorette NZ, and it's already been a rollercoaster of a ride.

Between all the dates, group challenges, rose ceremonies, eliminations and a SECOND BLOODY BACHELORETTE we'll forgive you if you've lost track on who's leading the race / races for Lesina and Lily's heart / hearts.

To help you out, we've compiled The Hot List - a weekly top 10 of who we're tipping to get that final rose. It's based on what we like and what we think Lesina and Lily likes and there's absolutely no rhyme, reason or science to it beyond that.

Yes we know there's more than 10 contestants still going, but, frankly, the rest have done nothing - so far - elevating them to being worthy of watercooler goss.


We'll be doing the same thing until the lucky bloke(s) get(s) their gal(s).

1. Steve

Previously-Silent Steve takes out the top spot this week for finally nabbing a minute of screen time and boy was it worth the wait.

Despite quitting his job to spend two weeks on a reality TV show as an apparent mute - he eventually uttered some sentences on a date with Lesina and they were very charming ones.

Sinead Corcoran and Anna Henvest reveal the truth about applying to be on The Bachelorette.

He also got our MVP of the week award for having a wonderful response when fellow contestant George made the brave decision to announce his bisexuality on national television.

"It's so cool that you can open up to us and that you're trusting in us, cheers bro," said Previously Silent, but now just Wonderful Steve.

We reckon he's in the front running for Lesina's heart, but in the interim he's certainly won ours.

2. Quinn

And in the front running for Lily's heart is Quinn, hands down.

Missed a couple of eps this week and need to catch up? This soundbite from Lily is all you need to know.


"Quinn is a man of many talents and his tongue is definitely one of them,"

Moving right along.

3. Conor

Despite not actually getting a rose from either woman, or really doing anything noteworthy at all - Conor still gets the bronze medal for his absolute GLOW UP! (That's an extreme makeover, oldies.

In last night's episode he appeared to have been Queer Eyed. He'd Marie Kondo'd all his kooky bowties and invested in some sexy white linen Mr Darcy shirts - and he's truly never looked better.

4. Aaron

Obviously on paper Aaron should be higher up the rankings cause he got a hot pash with Lesina, but he on Tuesday night's episode he also uttered the biggest CROCK I've ever heard - saying the reason he used to sleep with heaps of women and then never contact them again was because he felt #vulnerable and was scared of getting hurt.

Oh, okay George Clooney. Sure thing.

Apart from that absolute bullsh*t, he does seem very lovely and he's hot so he can stay in fourth place for now - but check yourself before you wreck yourself Aaron.

5. Jesse

Jesse doesn't ever seem to say or do much at all - good or bad - so for that reason he's in the boring middle of the heap.

6. Terence

Planned a quite-sweet Mexican-themed date but lost points for not having any actual Mexican food, just a boot-load of tinsel and what appeared to be Snax crackers.

7. Logan

Won points for being a man who's comfortable enough in his masculinity to discuss Love Languages. Lost points for being a man who says all of the Love Languages are his Love Languages.

8. Flynn

I'm genuinely concerned Flynn has accidentally locked himself in one of the mansion bathrooms or something, I'm pretty sure he hasn't been seen or heard from in any of the last few episodes - can someone please check on him?

9. Liam

Omg poor Liam ay, he absolutely cooked his only one-on-one time with Lesina by trying to flex about having his own home - but turns out it's obviously just a rental because #Aucklandhousingmarket. Devastating.

10. Glenn

It's hard to say whether Glenn cemented his last-place by way of angling for a threesome on national television, saying he could tell a fellow contestant was bisexual, or when he declared he still hasn't decided whether HE'S going to pick Lesina or Lily.

Amazing. I'm going to go with all of the above.

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