A teenager who advanced to the next round on an Indonesian talent show called her mum to give her the good news, before receiving the worst news of her life.

Jannah, 14, was a contestant on the local program Liga Dangdut where she hoped to win the $50,000 cash prize to pay for her mother's diabetes treatment.

The young singer called her mum on live TV after judges were wowed by her performance and sent her through to the next round, before being told by her uncle over the phone that she had just passed away, news.com.au reports.

It is reported Jannah's mother died of a suspected heart attack.


"Jannah, your mother said be strong as you will need to take care of your family now," her uncle can be heard saying.

"We love her as a family member, but unfortunately Allah loved her more and he has called for her. Your mother has passed away."

Footage showed Jannah crying and putting her hands over her face, as the judges also began tearing up as they embraced her.

Jannah was comforted by the judges. Photo / Twitter
Jannah was comforted by the judges. Photo / Twitter

The clip was shared online by singer Azim Kamaruzzaman and has amassed hundreds and thousands of views.

"Only 14 years old and already through to the next round of Liga Dangdut Indonesia 2020," he wrote alongside the video.

"In that moment, she was happy and wanted to share the good news with her family, but her uncle had some very bad news.

"Her mother had passed away just a few minutes before. Heartbreaking."

Jannah has since taken to Instagram with an uplifting post, uploading a selfie with the caption, "Keep on smiling, hopefully you will smile in heaven too".


Jannah has remained in the competition and still has a chance to win.