Social media has been flooded with congratulatory messages after Hayley Holt revealed she is expecting her first child.

Holt announced the news live on Breakfast this morning.

Her TVNZ colleagues were among the hundreds of people who congratulated the host on her news.

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Hayley Holt was congratulated on her pregnancy by her fellow Breakfast hosts this morning. Photo / TVNZ
Hayley Holt was congratulated on her pregnancy by her fellow Breakfast hosts this morning. Photo / TVNZ

Breakfast weatherman Matty McLean posted a photo of the two presenters together with the caption: 'WE'RE HAVING A BABY!'

He clarified: "Well, Hayley is. But given how clucky I am, I'm tagging along for the ride whether she wants me or not.

"Congratulations @theholtbolt - you're going to be the most incredible Mum x (sic)."

Melissa Stokes wrote on Instagram: "Hayley!!!! I'm so thrilled for excited as when I found out I was having a baby,".

Political reporter Jessica Mutch McKay, who welcomed her first child with bodyguard husband Iain McKay also congratulated Holt.

"Yay! Congratulations - such exciting news. Now for the wild ride of being pregnant on TV!"

Mutch McKay continued her work on-air until she was 38 weeks pregnant.

European Correspondent and former Breakfast newsreader Daniel Faitaua wrote: "Your best scoop my friend! Congrats."


On Facebook, viewers also expressed their excitement.

"Huge congratulations Hayley, you will be such a gorgeous mum. So loving and caring. It's an exciting year for you already," a viewer wrote.

The viewer joked fellow Breakfast host Matty McLean might be asked to babysit.

Others were quick to ask who the father was - something Holt did not reveal today.

One person wrote on Facebook: "Question is, who's the Dad lol."

Another commented: "Who's the Daddy??? Only asking because I know you've had unhappy relationships in the past, and I always hoped you'd meet someone special and right for you, because you're an amazing person [sic]."

Others were less impressed with the news:

"Wow Hayley is the only woman who has ever become pregnant! It must have been the immaculate conception!

"So what? About exciting as Jacinda's [Ardern]...and EVERYONE else's... (sic)."