A new reality series coming to TVNZ OnDemand is gathering up a group of millennials and Gen Z-ers and putting them in an 80s-themed house with 80s-themed challenges to see if they can "survive".

Apparently the 80s are so long gone now that they qualify as some type of mystery world to be endured by time-travelling heroes, who knew? Not us. But it's happening.

TVNZ put the casting call out for Survive the 80s this morning, looking for "teams of technology-dependent Gen Y and Z-ers" willing to be put through a "series of challenges that pit them against the 80s – all without their smartphones and social media".

They've billed it as an "epic retro adventure" full of "mysterious technology" which we can only assume means a Walkman, Gameboy and a computer that takes two years to turn on.


They're looking for teams of two aged between 18 and 30 from around the country.

At the very least, teased hair and tested patience should make for a few good laughs.

Applications are open until February 3 via TVNZ.