As Fleabag continues its reign over the 2020 awards season, creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge has revealed a season 2 Easter egg that makes us love the dark comedy even more.

The beloved British series has won big yet again at the Critics Choice Awards today with Best Actress (Waller-Bridge) and Best Comedy Series awards.

The actress and writer scored the same awards at the Golden Globes last week on top of four Emmy wins last year.

But, as we've come to expect from the quick-witted star, her acceptance speeches are the real winners of the night.


While accepting the award for Best Comedy Series, Waller-Bridge thanked her sister, composer Isobel Waller-Bridge, for giving Fleabag season 2 its sprawling, dramatic sound via chorus music sprinkled throughout.

"I dedicate this award to Isobel who composed the music for the show," the actress said. "There are slightly mediocre bits in Fleabag that are elevated by her score."

She went on to reveal the ethereal-sounding score of season 2 had a cheeky, Fleabag twist only Latin speakers would have picked up on.

"(Isobel) put in a little secret in for anyone who can speak Latin, but all the words singing in Latin during the songs are completely filthy," Waller-Bridge said, smiling. "So thank you for keeping the DNA of the show right in even to the classiest music possible."

And when she says "completely filthy", she's certainly not wrong.

In an interview with IndieWire last year, director Harry Bradbeer revealed the lyrics were actually Latin or Greek words for private parts; namely "c**k, a**e" and another very rude word beginning with C.

Isobel fessed up to the same publication, confirming there was indeed a naughty element to the lyrics.

"I think maybe once, maybe twice, we've got one of the female body parts," she said. "We sort of snuck them in."


Not only did Phoebe's acceptance speech shed light on a little-known fact about the score, she also revealed an unlikely inspiration for Andrew Scott's "hot priest" character.

"This is a bit of a random shout-out," Phoebe began.

"But you have no idea how you can accidentally inspire people just by doing your work, and somebody inspired this show in a way that you'll never know, and that's J. Lo!"

"I don't know where she is, but I decided that the priest's favourite song was Jenny from the Block, and it opened the entire character up for me," she explained.

Earlier in the night, her Best Actress speech was bleeped to US audiences.

Those in the room would have heard her say: "If I ever imagined in a million years I'd get up here … getting things like this for writing a character who literally looks at the camera and says 'f**k me up the a**e'."

And last week, she gave a cheeky shout-out to former US president Barack Obama at the Golden Globes, referencing the first episode of season 1 that depicted her character masturbating to one of his speeches.

The week before the awards ceremony, Mr Obama had listed the series as one of his favourites of 2019.

"I have to thank Obama for putting us on his list. Personally, he's always been on mine. And if you don't get that, watch season 1 of Fleabag," she said.

Never change, PWB.