A familiar face has popped up in the new Married At First Sight 2020 preview, confirming that a fan favourite will be returning to the show.

Nine released the extended trailer for the hit show yesterday, which is set to air on February 3, revealing former bride Elizabeth Sobinoff will be coming back to the show next year.

Last season wasn't easy on Sobinoff, who got married to fellow contestant Sam Ball.

Sobinoff appeared on the last season of the show. Photo / Nine
Sobinoff appeared on the last season of the show. Photo / Nine

Throughout the series her new husband infamously fat shamed her and snuck around behind her back with Ines Basic, one of the other brides.


Since leaving the show the 27-year-old shed a considerable amount of weight and swapped out her bleach blonde hair for a more toned down brunette look.

Sobinoff showed off her fresh look in the new promo, proudly announcing: "I'm back!"

The new trailer confirmed there would be a same sex-couple on the show. Photo / Nine
The new trailer confirmed there would be a same sex-couple on the show. Photo / Nine

"I'm going to get the love that I deserve," Sobinoff says to the camera before crossing her fingers.

It is believed the MAFS star will be coming back to the show as an intruder bride, with fans overjoyed at the news of her return.

"Love that Elizabeth is back and looking for love," one Facebook user said.

"Cant wait to watch Elizabeth again … best drama ever," another said.

Another person said they were going to watch the show "just for Elizabeth".

Sobinoff reportedly weds ex-footballer Seb Guilhaus, 31, on the show, according to the Daily Mail.


The ceremony was believed to be filmed in October, which was around six weeks into filming the new season.

The trailer also confirmed there would be a same-sex wedding for the first time on the show, with a female couple tying the knot.

Early reports suggest that next year's series could be even more controversial than this year's.

According to Hit106.9 breakfast host Nick Gill, the reality show shut down for two weeks during filming because things got out of hand.

"Apparently, they've just started filming again after a two-week break because the producers we're just like, 'this is going too far, we need to resettle ourselves, take a two-week filming break and then just work out how we can tackle the rest of the season'," Gill said, quoting a source.

He went on to claim that one of the contestants was sent to a rehab facility halfway through production.

"They've just gone so loose on the show that they were worried about their mental wellbeing," Gill said about the contestant. "Somebody was just losing it on the set so much that they had to check them in."

Blonde law graduate Stacey Hampton, from Adelaide, featured in the previous promo as did Sydneysider Mikey Pembroke.

According to the Daily Mail, next year's series will also feature bodybuilder Hayley Vernon, Instagram model Natasha Jayde, YouTube personalities Cathy Evans and Vanessa Romito, and Aleksandra Markovic, who appeared on Channel 7 show Take Me Out.