Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus has spoken out about her time on Saturday Night Live, saying her three-season stint on the show was "brutal."

Speaking to Stephen Colbert at the Montclair Film event, the actress revealed her time on the show as a 21-year-old was "miserable," Fox News reports.

Louis-Dreyfus was a cast member on the NBC show for three seasons from 1982.

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She says the show's environment was "very sexist," and alleged the people on the set were doing "crazy things at the time."

"It was a pretty brutal time, but it was very informative for me," she said.

The Veep star explained she was "naive" to the on-set behaviour and stereotypes during her SNL stint.

Reflecting on what she knows now, she told Colbert her time on the show helped her make informed decisions about the projects and roles she takes on.

"It's important and so basic, but I just felt like, 'I don't have to; I don't have to do this. I don't have to walk and crawl through this kind of nasty glass if it's not ultimately going to be fulfilling."

Her comments come after news America's Got Talent judge Gabrielle Union was reportedly fired after she alleged the NBC show had a toxic working environment, reports Variety.