Former Married At First Sight star Melissa Lucarelli has revealed the brutal text she received from Jules Robinson after being dropped as her bridesmaid.

Jules, who tied the knot with Cam Merchant on the weekend, asked Mel and Heidi Latcham to be her bridesmaids on an episode of the reality show and they both accepted.

But five weeks ago she changed her mind about Mel and told her over the phone that she had been dumped from the bridal party.

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"She just said, 'Well, you're not actually going to be a bridesmaid anymore. I haven't really seen you this year, and it wouldn't be right for you to be standing next to me on my real wedding','' Mel said about the phone call on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning.

Mel told the radio duo that Jules' reasoning "didn't make any sense" as the two of them had been in constant contact since the reality show ended. So after the call, Mel sent her a text asking for an explanation.

Jules' reply was blunt.

"Just 'cos I said it on a show doesn't mean I have to do it," Jules wrote in the text, according to Mel. "People said a lot of things on that show. This is real life. I won't be answering any media messages about this. I just want it to blow over and it will be forgotten about. Take care."

Mel told the KIIS FM hosts she was shocked by Jules' text, and after replying that it "didn't make any sense", she received some more harsh texts from her former friend.

"Actually it's because you've been a sh*t friend and said stuff about me," one of the messages read, according to Mel.

Married At First Sight stars Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are married for real. Photo / Getty Images
Married At First Sight stars Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are married for real. Photo / Getty Images

In another, Jules wrote: "For the first five months of our friendship I would have done anything for you, but then I just think that it changed."

Jules also asked Mel not to say anything publicly about being booted as a bridesmaid, but after being inundated with questions from the public and the media, Mel decided to come clean.


"To stay quiet, it made it look like I had done something wrong," Mel said on radio this morning.

When asked why she wasn't at the wedding on the weekend just as a normal guest, Mel told Kyle and Jackie O, "Jules was upset that I had confirmed it."

Jules and Cam's wedding was turned into a TV special that aired last night on A Current Affair. During the 90-minute special, Jules was asked by a Channel 9 reporter during her hen's party why Mel was missing.

"Do you know what? My nearest and dearest are here right now. That's all that matters," she said.

The TV special was watched by 617,000 people (five city metro), with some viewers commenting on social media that it was "bland" and "a bit too staged".