Dame Julie Andrews says she originally said no to playing Mary Poppins because she was pregnant with her daughter Emma.

In an interview with The Coast's Jase and Bernie, the 84-year-old actress revealed she originally thought she wouldn't be able to play the role.

"I didn't turn it down, I wanted to be able to do it, but said 'Mr. Disney' I'm so sorry I'm pregnant, I don't think I can, and he said: 'That's perfectly fine, we'll wait.'"

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Nine months later after the birth of her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, the family packed their bags and production for Mary Poppins began in Hollywood.

The beloved actress went on to play several big roles including Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music in 1965.

Andrews has recently released her second memoir Home Work, and says writing the book was an "emotional" experience which reminded her of how hard she has worked during her career.

When asked what was next for the actress, Andrews said she and her daughter Emma were working on a podcast about children's literature together.

Watch the full interview with The Coast here.