Married At First Sight star Jules Robinson has stunned fans with her incredible weight loss weeks before her wedding.

Documenting her progress on Instagram in a chic lilac cut-out dress, the reality star – who will tie the knot with Cam Merchant later this month – credited her slimmed-down physique to Weight Watchers.

The 37-year-old WW ambassador has been vocal about wanting to lose 10kg before her nuptials, today telling fans she's thrilled with the results.

"I haven't obsessed about losing weight, I've just been doing my thang day by day and now seeing and enjoying the results!," she wrote to fans.


Comparing the recent snaps with a series of photos alongside her soon-to-be husband Cam Merchant she pondered why it "takes a photo to make you see how far you have come".

"I love having a womanly figure and I'll always have curves," Jules said in her official Weight Watchers statement in September.

Jules and Cam from MAFS. Photo / News Corp Australia
Jules and Cam from MAFS. Photo / News Corp Australia

"But I also recognise the importance of being at a healthy weight, especially at this important stage of my life."

Last month, the star told The Daily Telegraph she wasn't going to drastic measures to lose the weight, and while she had a goal, "wouldn't deprive herself" of certain things.

"I'll come to events like this and (won't deprive myself) and I'm still losing weight," Jules said at AMG's High Performance luncheon in Sydney.

The star recently made headlines after a public feud erupted between her and former bridesmaid Melissa Lucarelli, also from MAFS, who accused her of "using her for publicity".

During the MAFS reunion episode, which aired in April, Jules was seen asking Melissa, along with Heidi Latcham, to be her bridesmaids.

However, Melissa, 38, has since revealed to NW Magazine that she believes the invitation was simply a "publicity" stunt and that the bride-to-be had dumped her from the bridal party and called her a "sh*t friend" when she'd protested.


"One day we were texting about family and babies, then two days later she was dumping me as a bridesmaid," she explained.

According to Melissa, Jules told her via text message that: "Just 'cause I said it on the show doesn't meant (sic) I have to do it."

"Not only was the text cold, but she used our friendship for her own publicity," Melissa said.