Kanoa Lloyd has weighed in on the war raging between AM Show host Mark Richardson and the Deputy PM Winson Peters, telling them to "be grown-ups".

The pair clashed over news that Mediaworks would be selling its TV arm, about which Peters said: "Now I'm sorry for some of them because they deserve to stay. But for some of them - good riddance''.

On Monday, Richardson hit back, calling the Deputy PM "heartless and classless'', sarcastically saying: "Very classy, Winston."

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Appearing on The Project - which, like the AM Show, falls under the Mediaworks umbrella - Peters was called to question over his comments by Lloyd, at which point he denied saying "good riddance".

"I didn't say that. I said I was seriously sorry for all those people who were involved... of the 500 plus there's husbands, wives, mortgages, children, there's a very sad situation. I'm very much aware of that."

He promised that if he and his party "can possibly help, we will".

However he also doubled down on his comments about Richardson specifically, saying; "He's been dumping all over me, calling me 'white pus' and 'cancer' and what have you... which is all defamatory. You know what he's done. And all I'm saying is, for those people, darn good riddance.

He then went on to call Richardson Rigor, explaining: "You know why they call him 'Rigor'? Because he was so slow at the bat. Like Rigor Mortis."

It was then that Lloyd intervened saying she had a great deal of respect for both men and asked, "Do you reckon you could just choose to both be the grown-ups that you are and treat each other respectfully from here on in? Because those comments did have a real effect on the hundreds and hundreds of people that are threatened with the sale of this company, worried about how to get the bills paid in the future."

Peters said he "completely understands", recalling a "five-month attack on New Zealand First and Winston Peters" in 2008.

"I had staff crying... I understand that but nobody gave a rat's derriere for us. All I'm saying to you is, things are swings and roundabouts so to speak."


He continued: "All I'm saying is to the odd person, when you attack someone... don't expect to get away with it. I have been attacked."