I'm just going to get this out of the way: before last week I had never watched a single episode of Breaking Bad. I know, admitting that is basically blasphemy. I had fully intended to keep living my life in ignorant bliss despite El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie dropping on Netflix last week, five years after the show's conclusion. However, tasked with a social experiment for our TimeOut team podcast (check it out here), I gave the pilot and film a watch. I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable my viewing experience of the movie was, despite knowing virtually none of the show's nuances and having to cling on to every detail of the series recap. I recommend listening to the informed opinions of my colleagues in our podcast episode for a far better take. I might just have to go back and watch the show.

I never thought I would eagerly anticipate the release of a TV show's score as much as I have for HBO's Euphoria. The show wowed me with its music just as much as its stunning visuals, and now it is available for streaming in its entirety. UK musician Labrinth is the genius behind the show's sound, and he certainly lifted the teen show, starring Zendaya, to necessary emotional heights. The album is great as a standalone listen, featuring ambient and upbeat hip-hop tracks. The best track is When I R.I.P., the song featured in the epic scene when Jules and her friend drive along the highway before going clubbing. I hope they manage to replicate the amazing soundtrack in the second season of the show.


I love hearing about a songwriter's process, and there's a podcast for that. And The Writer Is... is hosted by Ross Golan, a multi-platinum songwriter who has released songs with a lengthy roster of artists including Maroon 5 and Keith Urban. Golan brings on a songwriter guest each episode to discuss how they got their start, how they write their songs and what their process is. It puts the spotlight on the unknown names behind some of the biggest pop music hits. It's worth a listen for any music enthusiast.



Hear me out: some of the most entertaining videos on YouTube right now are cooking videos. New York food magazine Bon Appetit has mastered the art of making food videos with heart. I watch for the food inspiration just as much as I do for the bright personalities of the test kitchen chefs. I recommend starting with the series Gourmet Makes with Claire Saffitz, where she attempts to make popular foods like Oreos, Skittles, and Kit Kat bars from scratch. Despite her inevitable slow descent into candy-induced madness, she always manages to pull through with an improved version of the foods in the end.