The final season of Game of Thrones may have divided fans but the Emmy judges were clearly united awarding the show its top honour; The Outstanding Drama Award.

The eighth season of the show upset many fans with people complaining about its truncated length and rushed feeling. It was so disliked that over one million disgruntled fans signed a petition to remake the entire season.

So its unsurprising Game of Thrones ultimate Emmy victory has received a frosty reception. As usual, Twitter was the place to head to gauge the mood of the people.

The win was labelled a gag, but we don't think this Twitter user is laughing.


This person had a mood on.

Wheras this person's reaction was fierce.

Some users had thoughts rather than memes.

While others used the lexicon of the show to voice their displeasure.

This chap had reckons.

And this Twitterer wasn't mad, just disappointed.

But the final word on the matter goes to this Twitterer who, perhaps, summed it up best.