SPOILER ALERT: This article is about the episode of Celebrity Treasure Island that screened tonight, Monday September 2.

Strategy was the word on everyone's lips tonight, but one team's trickery may have cost them the game – it's already cost them a key member.

First up, Shannon Ryan and the Kahu team were reeling after the loss of Lily in last night's elimination challenge. Captain Shannon was determined to reconsider their next steps.

Over at camp Mako, Bree tasked the teams with a Whisper Challenge for charity.

The contestants had their lip-reading skills tested, and Moses McKay shamma-lamma-ding-donged his way to $5k for his charity, Dream Chasers.


"Well actually I was born with a hearing impairment," Moses explained. "So right through primary school I had these big fat hearing aids … and then I got them taken out when I was about 10 years old. So I spent a lot of time reading people's lips."

It was the whispers from Kahu that Mako should have been concerned about.

Sam Wallace and Eric Murray took to chess, assigning the pieces to represent Mako members.

The pair assigned the best piece on the board, the queen, to Moses. Was it a foreshadowing of his status?

Meanwhile, Mako tried to figure out their next move on the figurative chess board of Treasure Island - with Matty McClean still miffed he was being left out of play.

The plan was a captaincy change with a single target: knocking Eric out of the competition.

Matty reckons he'd be a great captain, but will his team give him a chance?
Matty reckons he'd be a great captain, but will his team give him a chance?

Poor Matty was adamant it was his idea in the first place - and if you watched last night, he's probably right - but he was left without the recognition he felt he deserved.

"I would love to step up and be captain but my name didn't seem to get thrown around," he said to the camera.


"It's infuriating, it makes my blood boil."

Last night Matty seemed to think he couldn't talk strategy with Moses. But ... it was Moses who had the idea of throwing the next face-off to make sure Kahu didn't get the chance to give Eric the captaincy, leaving him wide open for elimination.

And so Mako lost to Kahu by a landslide 5-1 victory. Matty got Mako on the board for the Match Ups challenge, but not before he threw an epic "shade grenade" as co-host Bree put it - suggesting Kahu were poised for a mutinous dumping of deep-breathing, song-inventing, pineapple-tossing captain Shannon.

"That almost sounded sincere," he heckled when Team Kahu answered with a chorus of yesses after co-host Matt Chisholm asked if they wanted Shannon to remain captain.

In another sign that he's shedding his villain status, Sam Wallace showed his loyalty - as well as his bottom earlier in the episode - and stuck up for his team, rubbishing McClean's dig.

Matty McClean reckons Team Kahu's comradery is all talk.
Matty McClean reckons Team Kahu's comradery is all talk.

And so the plan to (eventually) eliminate Eric was set in motion. Mako skipper Barbs "Barbara" Kendall handed over the reins to last night's elimination winner Gary Freeman after the Captain's Vote – and Matty was all smiles.

He was pleased to see Barbs go, reckoning she "isn't the captain that I need". Matty could be a knight waiting for his chance on the board if his comments from this episode were anything to go by. But was Gary the pawn?

He took on Shannon in the Captain's Test and that's when Mako's plans started to go awry.

All the team members were invited - they should have known something was up.

"I had to have a bit of a chuckle when Gary walked in as the captain," said Eric.

Poor Gaz.

Everyone was tasked with filling out a questionnaire, with Shannon and Gary pitted against each other to see who knew the contestants the best.

Gary was the weakest link, and Mako's plans unravelled.

Despite Moses's great plan, he got poached.
Despite Moses's great plan, he got poached.

Shannon won the right to poach a Mako member and went with mastermind Moses. Arguably Mako's strongest player, that will no doubt shake things up.

It could be a checkmate moment for Kahu.

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