Kanye West appears to have found Jesus if the title and track listing of his new album are to be believed.

Titled Jesus is King the album will descend from the creative heavens later next month.

Kim Kardashian West announced the album, along with its release date of September 27, today on Twitter along with a photo of the track list.

The 12 song album features potential hits such as Sweet Jesus, Baptized, God Is and Sunday.


The photo also holds potential clues for devotees of West to speculate on while they await the album's drop. These include a jar of pickled lemons, an alternate track listing with a song titled Breast Plate of Right which does not appear on the main track list, a grimy pad with various notes on it like, 'All will defend,' a bible opened to Psalm 57:6 and, for reasons unclear, a small torch.

The song Water, which appears at no.9 on the focused track list was premiered during West's Sunday Service performance at Coachella. The overt religious nature of the show, which he has performed many times since, sparked speculations that the hiphop star was considering forming his own church.

However, we'll have to wait for Kim K's next tweet to see if that prophecy comes true.