When it comes to being a member of the opposition party you can assume they've copped a lot of heat in their time.

But last week Simon Bridges was under the cosh from a different audience - Radio Hauraki listeners.

Appearing on the Hauraki Breakfast with Matt and Jerry, Bridges was exposed to the rather demanding, humorous and downright ridiculous questions from the audience.

Texting into the show, one listener decided to go straight to the question on everyone's lips: "Just wondering where Simon lost his virginity?"


Keen to walk around the question, Bridges had a typical politician-like response.

"So, there's an All Blacks game this weekend," he said before Jeremy Wells butted to ask if Bridges lost it at an All Blacks game.

"It's coming up right? The All Blacks game. I'm going," he responded.

Baffled by his answer, Jeremy then attempted to confirm whether Bridges lost his virginity in Auckland.

But in true politician style, Bridges responded saying: "I can't remember."

Simon Bridges was grilled by Hauraki listeners. Photo / Hauraki
Simon Bridges was grilled by Hauraki listeners. Photo / Hauraki

One listener text in wanting to get deep and personal with the opposition leader.

If a virginity question wasn't enough, one punter asked: "Do you have an innie or an outie bellybutton?".

With a thoughtful look on his face, Bridges said: "It's an outie, vaguely. Just. It's almost a trick question because I think if you go back in the day it was an outie but I just think it's sort of an innie. Does that happen?"


And last but not least one punter decided to attempt to confuse Bridges by asking a rather baffling question regarding his age.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how old are you?" the listener asked.

But to Bridges' credit, and in true Hauraki fashion, the National leader did his best to chime in with an answer listeners would appreciate.

"I would say that's a 5. I've got at least half my life left."