Oh. My. Gawd. A woman is being sued for almost NZ$10 million for, amongst other things, binge watching 55 hours of the sitcom Friends while on the clock at work.

Variety has reported that Canal Productions, a company owned by the actor Robert De Niro, has filed a US$6 million lawsuit against Chase Robinson, their former vice-president of production and finance.

They claim that as well as accessing the company's Netflix account to binge watch more episodes of Friends than can be safely recommended she also embezzled funds, charged "exorbitant" hotel and restaurant bills to the company, regularly flew on personal trips using De Niro's frequent flyer miles, clocked up $32,000 in Uber and taxi fees and engaged in behaviour described as "corporate sabotage".

They also claim she often didn't bother to come into the office, instead spending "astronomical" amounts of time watching the company's Netflix account.


Was she having a laugh? Yes. Robinson, who was reportedly on a $300,000 a year salary, favoured comedies.

As well as the 55 episodes of Friends, Canal also claims she sat through 20 episodes of Arrested Development and 10 episodes of Schitt's Creek during work hours.

Maybe she was on a break? Apparently not.