This hugely controversial teen series arrives back for a third season this Friday, continuing to look at the aftermath of Hannah Baker's death and the domino effect it has on her classmates. This time the stakes are higher, with the new season turning over a new whodunnit leaf after the death of Bryce Walker, the troubled bully of the school. Despite previous uproar over graphic and upsetting content, the new episodes will continue to go deeper into previous themes like sexual assault, consent, sexuality and mental health. It'll be interesting to see if they've learned their lessons this time around.



The new miniseries set in England's Lake District explores the complex lives of three women as they balance their families, social status and perfecting the illusion of having it all together. The illusion is shattered when Lisa is blamed for the disappearance of her friend's daughter, who she neglected to pick up from school. Roz is a successful psychotherapist but her husband's gambling problem threatens to derail her success and forces her to make a desperate decision to save her home. From the outside Kate appears to be living a perfect life but she is compensating for her failing marriage. Fans of Big Little Lies need look no further.


Hailed by critics as one of the best shows ever written, HBO'S The Wire is credited as paving the path for modern TV hits True Detective and Breaking Bad . A detailed look into the underbelly operations of Baltimore's drug scene, David Simon's masterpiece draws from his own experiences as a police reporter. It unpacks in dark and startling detail the inner workings of a city and the community that runs underneath the surface of crime. Its five seasons are worth committing to watch if not for their merit alone, but for context as a benchmark of quality television. All 60 episodes arrive on Neon this week.


The ethical considerations of the medical profession are put under the microscope in The Resident, supported by a cast of familiar talent. Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife, Gilmore Girls) heads a team of doctors and nurses at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital as they grapple with the brutality of their profession. The ins and outs of modern medicine are explored through the perspective of a young doctor, as he balances his idealism with the realities of working in a hospital. Breathing new life into the medical drama genre, the show promises thought-provoking storylines. The first season arrives on Lightbox this week and will satisfy fans of Grey's Anatomy and ER.