Oscar-winner Lady Gaga has been accused of stealing the song Shallow from her hit movie A Star Is Born.

The singer is being threatened with a multimillion-dollar legal case by US songwriter Steve Ronsen who claims the melody of her hit song Shallow was stolen from a song he released in 2012, according to the Mirror UK.

The nine-time Grammy-winning artist has been hit with a legal threat by Ronsen who claims just a few notes is based on his song Almost, which has less than a thousand streams on Soundcloud in five years.

The three notes — G, A, B — correspond to the Shallow chorus lyrics, "I'm falling" and "longing for change".


Ronsen and his lawyer Mark D. Shirian are reportedly asking for "millions" of dollars in a settlement.

Gaga, 33, has hired NYC lawyer Orin Snyder, who says the superstar will not back down.

Snyder said: "Mr Ronsen and his lawyer are trying to make easy money off the back of a successful artist. It is shameful and wrong.

"I applaud Lady Gaga for having the courage and integrity to stand up on behalf of successful artists who find themselves on the receiving end of such (claims). Should Mr. Shirian proceed with this case, Lady Gaga will fight it vigorously and will prevail."

While Ronsen claims he originally wrote the three-note progression that appears in Shallow, Gaga's legal team point out that — while his song sounds nothing like Shallow — this progression is common and can be heard in musical pieces dating back centuries.

Ronsen's lawyer Shirian declined to discuss the legal threat against Gaga when contacted by Page Six.