Reaction to Netflix's incoming 19 per cent price hike amongst Kiwi subscribers has been immediate and passionate.

Many have taken to social media to announce their imminent departure from the streaming service and to question the value for money proposition offered by their subscription.

The price across of all Netflix plan will increase. The basic plan will now cost $11.99 a month, the standard $16.99 and the premium plan $21.99 a month, increases of 4 per cent, 13 per cent and 19 per cent respectively.

This increase takes Netflix from being one of the more affordable streaming options to rocket past Lightbox and Neon to become the most expensive at the premium level.


Kiwis viewers are not happy.

On Facebook Carol Adams wrote, "binge what you can for the next month because I'll def be cancelling now with the price increase,".

Arye King shared the sentiment writing, "Disney plus coming soon enough. Can't wait to get rid of Netflix".

Tiffany Jordan Chamberlain wrote, "If their prices are going up we should then get a lot more content,".

"Gotta love me some alternative streaming services," wrote David Lewis, while Dmr Rusty said, "You've lost me as a customer... you need better marketing advise [sic]".

Long term subscriber Cameron Anderson seemed to capture the general mood of the nation to the price hike news writing, "Well, it's been fun netflix, years of support, but I think I'll have to cancel my subscription".