During my weekly run-through of Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist, I heard Zhavia Ward's voice and did a triple take that forced me to dig deeper. This girl is just 17 years old and has a killer voice and style, somewhere between Rihanna, SZA and Sia. Since finding fame on reality talent show The Four, she has released her debut EP, 17, and sung the A Whole New World duet for the new Aladdin soundtrack with Zayn. She's still finding her feet but there is some type of magic in her voice that makes me believe in her.


We featured Amazon Prime's new series The Boys in TimeOut last week. Before that, I had zero interest in watching it, but checked it out and was pleasantly surprised. It's set in a world where superheroes exist and are celebrities with endorsement deals, talk show appearances and more - they're also trashy human beings who are into all kinds of dodgy shenanigans. New Zealand's own Karl Urban plays Billy Butcher, a man hell-bent on taking them all down. It's hella dark, but one for the pessimist in you who knows this is how the world would be if Iron Man really existed.


Willow and Jaden Smith just released new EPs and, really, how much talent is one family allowed? I'm still not sure if I'm totally into either of these EPs but there's no denying the level of talent and creativity that has gone into each one. Willow resides in an experimental, indie-hop, FKA Twigs-type space on her self-titled release, while on Erys, Jaden settles into the hip-hop world with the help of Tyler, The Creator, ASAP Rocky, Kid Cudi and more - plus both Smith kids feature on each other's projects. Check them out.



I've seen tweets and articles about the new season of Queer Eye claiming we might have had too much too soon and the series could be burning out already. To that, I say Hogwash! I binged the whole fourth season over two days and it was every bit as magical and emotional as the rest - the episode with retired bachelor Kenny was the most heartwarming thing I've seen since Queer Eye kicked off with the internet's sweetheart, Tom. If you've been hesitant, rest assured, Queer Eye continues to slay.