The Chase host Bradley Walsh had some choice words for Chaser Anne Hegerty, aka The Governess, when she made an error on Monday's episode.

According to, a contestant named Kim went face-to-face with Hegerty, and managed to catch her out on one question.

The question asked what the first novel published by English novelist Thomas Hardy was. The three options were: Desperate Days, Desperate Remedies or Desperate Housewives.

Hegerty reportedly locked in the correct answer of Desperate Remedies, while Kim went for Desperate Days.


Hegerty then attempted to explain why Kim was wrong, incorrectly saying: "Desperate Days is the autobiography of Desperate Dan." But Walsh responded: "Seriously?"

Realising her mistake, Hegerty said: "No," shaking her head, when Bradley asked: "Are you fibbing?"

"Yes," Anne replied, to which Walsh said: "Why'd you do that?"

"Listen, I'm the one who does that," he joked. "You have to tell us the proper things because the kids look up to you."

Hegerty shook her head at her mistake, while Walsh said: "Pull yourself together."