Move aside Pixar, New Zealand's Huhu Studios is barging into the world of computer animated movies, with their upcoming film Mosley.

The company, which is based in Snells Beach, has announced that the film will be released in time for the school holidays on Thursday, October 10.

The film follows Mosley, a fictional creature called a Thoriphant, who must "embark on an epic journey" to save his family and unlock the secret to his true nature. It is said to have "large and layered" themes and tell a timeless adventure story.

As well as the release date, Huhu also announced the superstar voice talent that were attracted to the "touching and poignant family film".


Leading the cast is popular funnyman Rhys Darby, most famous as Flight of the Conchords inept band manager Murray. He plays a character named Deaver.

Darby's joined by former Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless, who plays an "encouraging leader" named Bera, as well as Star Wars' Temuera Morrisson who voices Warfield, a "brutal bloody villain'.

"Making the film in Snells Beach was an absolute joy," Kirby Atkins, the film's director said in a statement. "New Zealand is an awe-inspiring country and the artists here are masters in their craft. I'm proud to have become a Kiwi myself and would love to continue making films here in the future."

Mosley is also notable as being the first officical co-production between New Zealand and China, with the New Zealand Film Commission's CEO Annabelle Sheehan saying she was "really proud" that the joint production had been completed.