My first job was...

A paper run.

It taught me… That I really don't like mornings.

My big break came… It did?! Dammit, no one told me. Don't know if I've had a "big break" but my first role EVER was Wolf O'Mally in the "famed" Kaurilands Primary School 1992 production of Little Red Rocking Hood which started this whole thing for me. So that's a pretty good break.


The last job I quit was… Hmmmmmmm, I think it was actually the paper run! Haha. I must've been about 12 or 13 and I'm pretty sure the quitting was connected to the mornings. That and there are some pretty big hills out in Titirangi that my little blue BMX and 12-year-old quads were struggling to get up.

The most famous person I've ever met is… I met Jacinda Ardern last year, that was pretty cool. My wife was interviewing her for her series Sitting Room Only on TVNZonDemand... small plug.

She was… Amazing. So down to earth and real, she was just as she appears to be when you see her on TV. Easy to talk to, intelligent and empathetic.

The best time I've had on stage was… I always think back to a play I did at school in 6th form called The Venetian Twins where I played both twins. The brothers were so different and I loved the opportunity to create two such contrasting characters in one play. It was mayhem with the costume changes from one to the other and I loved it. Shout out to the director (and my English teacher) Steve Walker.

But the worst was… It was a horrible indie film in LA that shall remain nameless. I can't even remember how I got the role but all of a sudden I found myself in full 70s disco attire including the afro wig waiting for hours in a rundown house to shoot a scene where I dance (terribly) and don't say a word. No shout-outs here.

My dream role would be… Rambo. No, just kidding. Really anything I can deep-dive into. I love doing research around the world of the film or show, learning about new things while creating the character.

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