This gritty drama takes us back to the early-90s when Boston was bursting with violent criminals and the local law enforcement plagued by corruption and racism.
That all supposedly came to an end with what was called the "Boston Miracle" and City on a Hill offers a fictional account of how that transformation occurred.
Kevin Bacon plays the coke-snorting, on the take but revered FBI veteran Jackie Rohr, who forms an unlikely alliance with ambitious Brooklyn-imported district attorney Decourcy Ward.
Together they seek to bring down a blue-collar Irish Catholic family of bank robbers from Charlestown, in a case that envelops and ultimately transforms the entire landscape of the city's justice system.
Boston natives Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are executive producers and together with creator and fellow local Chuck MacLean, provide the show with stunning detail and authenticity. Available now OnDemand.


A comedy suspense drama, In The Dark centres around Murphy (Perry Mattfeld), an irreverent hard-drinking, ciggie-smoking, 20-something blind woman with a liking for casual sex.
She relies on the support of her sidekick and flatmate, Jess (Brooke Markham), and her loyal guide dog Pretzel, while her closest friend is a teenage drug dealer, Tyson, who once rescued her from a brutal mugging.
Fond of her nightly chats with Tyson in the alleyway outside her apartment, Murphy's world is turned upside down when she stumbles across what she is convinced is her pal's dead body.
A police investigation ensues but it's up to Murphy to uncover the truth. Streaming now.

BEATS (Netflix)

This coming-of-age drama is set on the Chicago's South Side, where hip-hop prodigy August Monroe (Khalil Everage) is struggling with crippling anxiety in the wake of a family tragedy.
With the help of a former music promoter-turned-down-on-his-luck high school security guard (Anthony Anderson) the pair work to break free of the demons of their past and establish themselves in the local music scene.
In order to realise his talent, Monroe must prove to himself and his overly protective mother that he can overcome his confidence issues and cope with life outside his bedroom, before he can attempt to match it with the city's best DJs and producers. Streaming now.



Climb aboard the Sirocco mega yacht once more and join Captain Sandy and her crew as they sail through the French Riviera, hosting the fabulously rich.
Now into its fourth season, this reality show is a spinoff of the Below Deck series, featuring plenty of drama, gossip and group tension as the staff and guests navigate the high seas.
Sandy is determined to take a firmer stance with the crew, while chief stewardess Hannah and newly appointed Bosun Joao both have points to prove after returning from last season.
Tauranga's Aesha Scott gives things a Kiwi flavour and keeps her colleagues and viewers entertained with her unique sense of humour. Streaming now.