The upcoming James Bond movie has been beset with so many problems it was starting to feel like the nefarious SPECTRE was behind the chaos.

Director's have come and gone, as have writers, star Daniel Craig hummed and hawed about returning to the role and then promptly injured himself on set once he did, and a scene's controlled explosion proved to be anything but, blowing up a wall in Pinewood Studio and sending a stuntman to the hospital.

But as any of his foes know, it takes a lot more than supreme misfortune to stop the super spy Bond, James Bond. And today we got out first look at what's been going on behind-the-scenes on the still untitled Bond 25.

If Bond's feeling shaken by the production's ill fortune he's certainly not showing it in this officially released video. The one-minute long video is set in Jamaica and shows Bond living it up with the locals and driving a jeep very fast. '


While there's no cool Bond gadgets and no sign of the movie's villain Rami Malek, there is a lot of glitz which shows off some off the directorial panache Cary Fukunaga is known for and then shiny and bold visual direction the film is heading in.

But the most exciting thing about the video is that it proves that a new Bond film is definitely coming, and that's something that's been in doubt for the last couple of years.

Bond 25 is due to land in cinemas next April.