Just a week after she quick-stepped her way into the final of Dancing With the Stars, comedian Laura Daniel returns to our screens in an all new reality show designed to push contestants to their limits. Daniels will host TVNZ's new reality format Zombody Save Me, which sounds like a cross between The Walking Dead and Survivor. Over the course of five days and five nights, eight Kiwi contestants will battle one another – and a "forest filled with ferocious night-walkers" – to try and win a $10,000 prize. The first two episodes will drop this Sunday, with double episodes released each week thereafter.


Netflix's new LGBT series Tales of the City is hands down one of the best and most representative queer series to hit screens. It follows 25-year-old Shawna as she deals with the reappearance of her mother who left her when she was two. But it branches out to follow the wonderfully complex lives of all of the queer residents in Shawna's building, Barbary Lane. It's one of very few pieces to explore queer stories focusing on their sexuality, and without erasing their queerness either. These are just people trying to navigate love, life, politics and growing up - plus there's a little mystery added to the mix for good measure.


Euphoria is the show shocking the world right now. This American teen drama pulls no punches in its raw and realistic depiction of teenage life. It follows a 17-year-old ex-drug addict named Rue who is struggling to stay clean as she works out her place in the world. With its eye-opening recreations of drug fuelled parties, blunt takes on sex and love and the accompanying crippling anxieties, the series has proved too much for some. If you've been wondering what the kids are up to these days then Euphoria will show you in graphic, R-rated detail.


THE SON (Lightbox)

Pierce Brosnan stars as Texas rancher Eli McCullough in this historical family drama based on Philipp Meyer's 2013 best-seller of the same name.
Throughout 10 episodes, The Son sweeps across 150 years and three generations, tracing the McCullough heritage and spotlighting Eli's transformation from dedicated family man to paranoid, ruthless killer.
McCullough's desperation to leave a legacy in the form of a wealthy ranching and oil dynasty sees him face off against his well-to-do Spanish neighbour, Pedro Garcia.
Flashbacks take us into Eli's childhood where under his father figure, Comanche war chief Toshaway, he begins his climb to establish a powerful family dynasty.