Actresses Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union have spoken out about how a horrific accident on the set of their police procedural L.A.'s Finest affected the cast and crew.

As Variety reports, in February, a stunt car on the set of the show hit a shipping container, causing it to fall on to executive producer/co-showrunner Brandon Sonnier and co-showrunner Brandon Margolis, who were watching the stunt scene on a monitor. Sonnier's leg was pinned under the container, and his leg was amputated as a result of the injury.

The accident occurred on set in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles Port Police chief Thomas Gazsi told Deadline in March: "Witnesses reported that a stunt vehicle being pulled by a cable continued to roll after the stunt and struck the shipping container causing it to overturn and strike the victims."

Speaking at the 59th Monte Carlo Television Festival Saturday, Union said: "I don't know if there is a word that's big enough to describe how the whole production felt... I don't know if saying it was 'heartbreaking' or 'devastating' is enough.


"I think Brandon [Sonnier] led us. He was back coaching on the sidelines of his kids' games within a week and a half," she continued, becoming emotional.

Alba said Sonnier is "so resilient and inspiring. But when you go through something that is like that you see the type of family and community that you surround yourself with, and he and all of us really came together as a family in a way that you just never even realise until something like that happens".

"He was like: 'Guys, this is the new normal, and I want to make sure that while I still have a seat at this table I keep that door open, and I have embraced my new normal," added Union.

L.A.'s Finest, an original series by Spectrum, a cable television provider in the US, is a spin-off of the Bad Boys film franchise. It was renewed for a second season last week.