My first job was:

playing Tony Baritony on the local kids' TV series Amazing Extraordinary Friends.

It taught me: on-set etiquette and a dose of confidence.

My big break came: playing Colin Bouwer in the film Bloodlines.


The last job I quit was: I had a web design agency in London and brought it to New Zealand and I quit that world because I was done with trying to please clients and the truth was I was burnt out.

The most famous person I've ever met is: Probably the most memorable was Martin Sheen. I was doing a series of interviews with actors involved in politics and I spent a couple of days with him in Los Angeles talking to him about the state of the world and meeting a few of his political influencers. It was awesome.

He was: amazing, brilliant and a true inspiration.

The best time I've had on set/stage was: I did a feature film called Human Traces where we filmed in the Catlins, which was amazing with a fabulous cast and crew.

But the worst was: I did a German/New Zealand film - it was a co-production with some great New Zealand actors but the Germans all spoke in German and we all had to speak our lines in English. It was crazy because you would have to wait until they had finished rattling off their German and then we'd drop in with our lines. It was totally unsustainable and hilarious but not very rewarding artistically.

My dream role would be: a big fat lead in the 10th film by Quentin Tarantino!

Mark Mitchinson stars in TVNZ's Straight Forward, streaming on TVNZ On Demand from June 24.