Marvel's official posters for the upcoming Spidey movie, Spider-Man: Far from Home are so far from good it's not funny.

The aesthetic the movie studio went with - which is caught somewhere between 'How does Photoshop work?' and 'MOAR!!!' - can best be described as unfriendly to the eye, a thick red gumbo of disaster that somehow gets worse the longer you look.

"Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" - Marvel Studios' graphic designer, probably.

We have questions:

1) Why are there three pictures of Spider-Man on this poster?
2) What's the deal with the el-cheapo Photoshop job on Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal?
3) When was the last time the person who approved this poster had their eyes tested?
4) WTF? Just... wtf?


Our best guess is that the "designer" of this poster lied about their Photoshop and graphic design experience when applying for the job and Marvel Studios didn't bother to phone the references.

Having been left flustered and flabbergasted by Marvel's janky efforts dedicated fans of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man have taken to Twitter to unveil their own efforts.

All of which perfectly capture the No Frills nature of Marvel's professional efforts. Never change, internet.

Let's hope the movie's special effects budget wasn't as paltry as the poster budget. We'll find out soon enough. Spider-Man: Far from Home web-slings on cinema screens Wednesday 3, July.