We all remember scenes from films that have haunted us forever - from traumatising moments in children's films to recent flicks that struck an emotional chord.

In a conquest to discover the most emotional movie scenes of all time, Twitter user @guiltyart put a call out asking people to share "the most upsetting scenes that you have ever seen".

They started with four strong contenders: The Great Gatsby, Up, Maleficent and Atonement.

Multiple fans responded with an obvious choice: Emma Thompson's famous scene in Love Actually when her character Karen discovers her husband has had an affair.


YouTube star Connor Franta chose: Ennis (Heath Ledger) holding Jack's shirt in Brokeback Mountain; Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams kissing in the rain in The Notebook; Elio driving home from the train station in Call Me By Your Name and Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) watching video diaries in Interstellar.

Brokeback Mountain featured multiple times, with many referencing the scene with Ennis holding Jack's shirt, while others also cited Call Me By Your Name scenes.

Twitter user @wrterinthdark shared two animated classics: Mufasa's death in The Lion King and Littlefoot's mother's death in The Land Before Time.

One user shared a moment from the sixth Harry Potter film: "Dumbledore knowing he was going to die and who was going to kill him and not doing anything about it cos it would ruin his long-term plan was the most upsetting scene I've ever seen."

Meanwhile, writer Jenny Johnson shared another memorable contender: Artax the horse getting stuck in the swamp in The NeverEnding Story.