Photos showing Keanu Reeves posing with women without touching them has prompted fans to hail him as a "respectful king" and a "good man".

A series of photos posted by Unprofessional Madman pointed out that the Hollywood star has a habit of posing with his hand awkwardly hovering behind the women he is standing beside.

Since the photos have been shared, fans have praised the actor for being mannerly and polite, with some branding him a "gentleman".

"All the more reason to praise Keanu Reeves," one person commented.


Another said: "The more I discover about him the more I like him."

Some else wrote that the actor is a "gift from God".

However, other fans believed he purposely doesn't place his hands on the people he takes photos with in order to avoid accusations of inappropriate behaviour.

"He's being smart because he knows he'll be targeted by sexist and feminist people.

"They'll come up with the stupidest questions like, 'Oh wow why is he holding her hips?'" one wrote.

"More than anything else these pictures make me sad," another user said. "The fact that he has to do this to protect himself shows the state of the morality and reason in the society."

Since the post was shared on the social media platform, it has received almost 8,000 likes and over 2,000 comments.

The images were also shared on Twitter in a viral tweet by user @KemziLinzi, who said: "Lol Keanu ain't taking no chances" with many sharing their opinion.