"Get ready to be spammed with baby photos" - Kiwi actor Dean O'Gorman is officially a dad.

The Hobbit star introduced his two-week-old daughter Smokey (or Smokie - they haven't filled in the birth certificate yet) to the world on Instagram this afternoon.

Using her full name Smokey June O'Gorman, the actor said he was completely besotted with this tiny version of himself.

"I just love her so much all I do is stare at her face like a weirdo and when I'm at work I stare at photos of her like a weirdo," he said in the post.


His post was quickly flooded with messages of congratulations including one from English actor and comedian Adam Brown who said: "I'm melting. So so so beautiful. Can I go dancing and shopping with Smokey?X".

By 10pm tonight, nearly 6000 people had liked the post.

O'Gorman and his wife Sarah Wilson announced they were expecting just last month.

In posting the news that she was 34 weeks pregnant, Wilson opened up about the couple's three-year battle, before finally being able to share their news of impending parenthood.

"Dean and I did three years of multiple fertility meds, failed IUI, and a round of IVF with three failed embryo transfers and a miscarriage at eight weeks," she wrote on Instagram.

"At first, we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, then me with PCOS [polycystic ovarian syndrome] and suspected endometriosis. In the end we conceived naturally while waiting to start our second round of IVF."

Now, their luck has turned a corner as they welcome their newborn into the world.