After years of false starts and rumoured feuds, The Spice Girls have reunited on stage for the first show in a 13-date UK tour, opening with their 1997 hit Spice Up Your Life.

Some 75,000 fans turned out to Dublin's Croke Park for the spectacle - with one notable absence. Former bandmate Victoria Beckham declined to take part in the tour, although she did take to social media to wish her pals well.

Victoria opted not to join the band's reunion tour in order to focus on her self-titled fashion brand.

The Irish capital has been buzzing ahead of the concert, with many taking to social media to say it was a moment they never thought they would never see.


The foursome took the stage in updated versions of some of their most iconic 90s outfits, including Mel B - aka Scary Spice - donning a sequinned, leopard print jumpsuit and Emma Bunton - Baby Spice - in a hot pink mini dress.

Earlier in the day, Geri Halliwell - aka Ginger Spice - teased fans with a glimpse of her new Union Jack dress - embroidered with the words Girl Power in gold thread.

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Fans were jumping for joy as they waited to see their idols perform live. Photo / Getty
Fans were jumping for joy as they waited to see their idols perform live. Photo / Getty

But while fans were thrilled to see their childhood heroes reunite, many were quick to complain about sound issues at the Dublin venue, taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Before flying into Dublin Geri returned to her Spice Girls roots, dying her hair back to its iconic red hue.

Ginger Spice showed off the results on Instagram telling her 898,000 followers: "Ginger is back!"