George Clooney has said Hollywood film studios are no longer making the type of films that he wants to star in.

The award-winning actor and producer said that streaming platforms automatically took precedence for him now. "The studios are less and less making the kinds of stories I like to tell, mid-range or even small budget," Clooney, 58, told the Hollywood Reporter podcast.

"So it's gonna end up at Hulu or Netflix or Amazon or Apple. The streaming services have really blown the hinges off. Watch the first season of Narcos and tell me there's anything you've seen better."

He was speaking ahead of the airing of Catch-22, his adaptation of the Joseph Heller novel which follows Capt John Yossarian on his quest to stay alive and get home from Italy, where he is stationed as part of the B-25 bombing missions in the Second World War.


The six-part series was originally released on Hulu, the American service, on Friday. It comes to the UK on Channel 4 later this year.

- The Sunday Telegraph