You can't really pick a Post Malone fan - from the girl with cute cat screensaver to the cool guy with as many tattoos as the inked star, to the mum "just taking her son" but screaming along to every track.

They were all at Spark Arena last night to see the multi-platinum rap/pop/rock star smash a guitar, drink beer from a fan's shoe and belt out self-penned songs such as White Iverson, Psycho and I Fall Apart.

Kitted out in a bold suit with the Southern Cross and patterns making up New Zealand's North and South islands, Malone's presence on the catwalk stage was enthusiastic and full of the swagger his fans have come to expect.

The show is a slick production, slung together with fireworks and laser lights that help fill the otherwise empty stage, taken up only by the one-man act - real name Austin Richard Post.


The show was all ages but the standing area of the arena strictly 16 and over, and for good reason - A few teens were pulled from the packed floor even before Malone came on but it wasn't clear if they were intoxicated or overwhelmed.

Whatever the case, security made it clear that you could sing and scream to the weed-loving rapper but you couldn't act like him - not on their watch.

When Malone was on stage the crowd was captivated.

During one strut down the stage the star fell backwards rolling his ankle and landing on his bum. So injured, he had to take a chair for a couple of songs.

The professional took the fall in his stride and recovery time was well spent. Malone played the guitar, shared how he got into music and then he was into it again.

Posty ... Posty ... Posty the crowd chanted as he got to his feet.

"Did someone say Shoe-y?" he yelled back.

Um, no, they said Posty - but anyhoo. A dirty old Vans sneaker was thrown on stage and Posty duly drank beer from the sweaty "cup".


"I might be sick and hurt but I still like to f**ken party man. Here's to Posty."

Warning: Clips may include explicit language

No wonder this Rockstar was falling apart.

The trick worked though and with a renewed energy, Malone belted out White Iverson, the song that launched his career and which he modestly described as "probably my only good song."

He followed this up with his more recent chart-topper Sunflower - released with rapper Swae Lee for the movie Spiderman - Into the Spiderverse.

The colour and pop of Sunflower then turned to an all-mighty pep talk for the crowd with the tattooed rapper delivering a message to his adoring fans.

"They said we'd never go f**ken gold, we'd never go f**ken Platinum, we'd never go f**ken diamond. That's A-okay man because those same mother… talking s**t at me are the ones now saying congratulations."

Amid a peppering of expletives, Post Malone told his fans to live their dreams, do what they wanted and not to let anyone stand in their way before launching into his 2016 hit Congratulations.

It was a rousing end to a show that came at the end of a huge Australasia arena tour.

There was no encore but instead, Malone gave heartfelt thanks, his appreciation, and a wave to the crowd before his limping exit.

Post Malone performed at Spark Arena, Auckland, on May 11. He performs there again tonight Sunday, May 12.