Getting a handle on Brit-merican prince

Taking a stab in the dark, a tweet from the UK's Daily Express newspaper suggested Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will choose an unusual name for their baby that unifies the US and UK. Of course Twitter users had plenty of ideas of their own. They included "World War II", "Cambridge Analytica", "Texas Gloucestershire" and "Guns McTesco". There was the more literal "The Atlantic Ocean" and the sporting "LeBron Thames". "The Fresh Prince who's not heir" sounds good. What about the more pedestrian "Sidewalkpavement Windsor"? Or they could really push the boat out with "Yanky McBritface". Who else chose Archie?

Snack attack

The Marks & Spencer LGBT sandwich featured in Sideswipe yesterday was released to raise money for a charity that helps LGBT homeless young people. However, Piers Morgan, 54, was unimpressed. On Good Morning Britain, the UK breakfast show he co-hosts, he called the promotion "utter, cynical tosh ... virtue signalling, PC brigade garbage" that is "nothing to do with LGBT". Co-presenter Susanna Reid interjects: "It's literally called LGBT." But Piers is having none of it: "It's actually a BLT ... " But Susanna continues: "No, because it's got guacamole in it, so it's got some 'G' in there. Piers' response? "Oh please, it's not a gay sandwich."

Grey Lynn leaf-tastrophe

"The good burghers of leafy Grey Lynn know when it's autumnal leaf fall time," writes Christopher Johnstone. Photo / Supplied

Comparing apples with ... other low-hanging fruit

A "griggle" is an apple left on the tree because it's too small to pick, but Louise Spicer said her Google search of "griggles" brought up the entertaining definition as: "The longitudinal lines in the scrotum as a result of cold temperatures."

Video Pick

Man casually eats soft serve ice cream while fight goes on around him…


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