Britney Spears' mother has revealed that the pop star is in "dire straits" and that she is going to court to help manage her daughter's health care, according to TMZ.

The singer is fighting her father, Jamie Spears, in court after he was granted conservatorship, which gives him approval over her personal and financial affairs, following her 2007 breakdown.

Spears' mother, Lynne, has filed new court documents, asking a judge to let her lawyer appear at a court hearing Friday (local time) in Britney's conservatorship case.

Lynne is stepping in. Photo / Getty Images
Lynne is stepping in. Photo / Getty Images

At the hearing, Lynne will ask the judge to order Spears' father to include her in her daughter's treatment plan.


Lynne's lawyer said it was in the singer's best interest for her to have a voice in the situation.

The pop star reportedly asked for her mother's help after a fan campaign "Free Britney" went viral last month, where fans claimed that the superstar was held against her will in a rehabilitation centre.

Other celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, The Hills star Heidi Montag and high profile YouTuber Shane Dawson backed the campaign.

Fans also made signs for a protest in Hollywood to capture attention for the campaign.

Spears thanked her fans in an emotional video, but said that the rumours had got out of control and "all is well".

However, TMZ has reported that Spears is not doing well after her 30-day stay at a mental health facility.

A source said, "Britney is making bad decisions and it's a problem."

TMZ states that the singer's father has told friends he will keep her from her sons Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, if she becomes unstable.


The website also claims her father has given her rules such as not allowing her to have her phone with her when she drives, in case she uses it at the wheel.

Another rule includes her only being allowed to have a flip phone with no internet access.

Last month, Lynne told fans to "keep going no matter what" as Spears took time to concentrate on "self-care" in rehab.

It was reported that Spears entered a mental health centre after becoming "distraught" over her father's ongoing health battle.