Kerry sent a picture to her mum, who lives on Vancouver Island, showing that avocados in NZ are nearly $10 each right now. Her mum sends back four pictures of her and dad harvesting their avocado crop, just to rub it in. "Then I looked closer," writes Kerry. "And saw they had attached the avocados to the trees with fishing line. Gotta love their cheekiness at 83!"

When I said stuff the chicken ...

A sign on a workplace toilet door reads: "OUT OF ORDER". "Thank you SO MUCH! I spent the best part of a Thursday afternoon trying to unblock this toilet. Eventually we had to call the plumber in — If anyone has any information on the person who decided it would be a good idea to try and flush a whole roast chicken down the toilet, please contact Debbie in HR ASAP. NOT impressed."

Lost camera

"We travelled on Flight NZ 8224 from Auckland to Whangarei on the 5th of May, leaving at about 12.30 and arriving at 1.20pm," writes Divina. "We were in seats 12A and 12B and unfortunately left the camera under the seat in front. The bag is about 30cm square and black. The camera and accessories cost over $3500 and the photos are invaluable. The plane was boarded for Auckland as we were collecting our bags and we only realised the camera was missing when we returned home. Air NZ managed to utter the words, 'Oh no!' a number of times. I couldn't get a straight answer as to whether anyone bothers to look under the seats between flights ... I wondered if we could reach out to the person who sat in 12B heading back to Auckland in the hope their feet found our camera ... and they read Sideswipe."

Identity politics reaches sandwich branding

Identity politics reaches sandwich branding.
Identity politics reaches sandwich branding.

Funeral songs

1. "Should I Stay Or Should I Go by the Clash will be played at my funeral. The mourners will then get a vote."


2. The Only Way is Up by Yazz and The Plastic Population

3. Light my Fire by The Doors