The seven most annoying human traits: Do you have them?

An insightful list compiled by Kiwi clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo.
1. Being a gloom merchant: Are you chronically negative? Critical? Do you hear yourself saying: "yes ... but"? Maybe it's time to lower your "but" quota.
2. Complaining (about everything): Are you always moaning about your job, your boss, your partner, your kids, your busyness, your life ...
3. Always having to be right: Do you like to have the last word? To hammer a point home until everyone agrees or you've beaten them into submission?
4. Interrupting others: Do you always have a cool(er) story to add? Give others, especially quieter people, a chance. All roads shouldn't lead back to you.
5. Relentless self-promotion: Another selfie anyone? Hmmm.
6. Scattered attention: Are you sending out a clear message to others that they're worth less than whatever just scrolled up on your phone?
7. Unreliability: Being a no-show or pulling out at the last minute. Bad form.

"We're all annoying, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. But if any warning bells are clanging, think about how you could do things better," says Nimmo. "Now dump your annoying-ness, pick your best quality and ruminate on it." (

Life not broken, just stuck between floors

A colleague often has problems sorting out his young family in a morning which could make him late arriving for work.

These were yesterday's text messages:
Him: "Yay life broke."
Me: "That doesn't sound good."
Him: "It spat us out now."
Him: "Lift not life btw. In office now."


No more free rides, says cat's chauffeur

No more free rides, says cat's chauffeur. Photo / Supplied
No more free rides, says cat's chauffeur. Photo / Supplied

A reader writes: "I'm the driver of the car with the "joyriding cat". Otis is my neighbour's cat. He is full of attitude and confidence. I had noticed him on the roof of the car earlier in the day, but by the time I loaded two toddlers and their paraphernalia into the car, strapped them in securely and backed out of our long driveway, I had not realised he was still on the roof.

When this kind woman got out of her car and approached me at the lights, I had no idea what she was going to say. I was so flabbergasted, and concerned that I was in traffic, I'm not sure I even thanked her. Otis is now home with his family but continues his mischief and adventures. Would you please pass on my thanks and the gratitude of my neighbours to this kind lady. I will check and recheck my roof from now on. Seriously!"