This snappy and colourful animation explores the impact on a young girl of a mother becoming ill and having to leave home to get treated.

2015's Inside Out comes to mind as June (Brianna Denski) comes to terms with her emotions by retreating into an imaginary world. The set-up is melancholic – considering this film is aimed at the younger market – and my 10-year-old was noticeably moved as June struggled to cope with her mother's illness.

June has a very close relationship with her mother (Jennifer Garner); they've spent years creating an imaginative theme park called Wonder Park. June comes up with ideas for rides and her mother whispers them into the ear of a soft toy monkey called Peanuts, who brings them to life.

Their house is filled with models of the park, and there's even a roller coaster, which travels through her neighbours' backyards. Parents take note – there's no time for TV or devices in this household.


Without her mother to share the park with June loses interest, until one day walking through the woods June stumbles across an old roller coaster, which takes her on a wild ride to Wonder Park. This, however, is a dark version of the park, and June, Peanut and friends must find a way to bring lightness and love back.

While Wonder Park does the darker moments well it pales in comparison to Inside Out; lacking depth and memorable characters as it races through action pieces to a predictable ending.

Perhaps more importantly, while it may not have kept this parent interested, my daughter talked about it for days.


Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner


Dylan Brown

Running Time:


85 mins


PG (Scary scenes)


A lacklustre Inside Out