Actor Omari Hardwick is facing backlash after a video from the NAACP Image Awards shows him kissing Beyoncé twice, once near the mouth.

Hardwick and Beyoncé were greeting each other at the awards, an annual ceremony honouring achievement in film, television, music, and literature by people of colour.

Hardwick, known for the TV series Power, kissed Beyoncé twice during the exchange. Beyoncé fans online said the second kiss was "unnecessary," and that the singer appears visibly uncomfortable in the clip.

"Don't do that again," wrote Twitter user @farhana_io. "We women so often get touched, kissed, groped & poked in instances exactly like this (at an event, at work, etc). WE DON'T LIKE IT. It's time to no longer let these moments of discomfort slide."


"I dont presume to know how Beyonce feels but...ughhh that Omari Hardwick shit reminds me of encounters I've had with some men," wrote @D0MXNXQUE.

"Then you dont want to say anything because then people will look at you like you're overreacting, so you just suffer being uncomfortable."

Twitter user @Jaidus wrote that he hopes the interaction sparks a conversation about respectful ways to greet one another.

"I hope this starts a conversation within black, minority, and Caribbean communities who encourage kids or young adults to greet their elders with a hug and/or kiss on the cheek," he said.

"And while this may be seen as a sign of respect in some cultures, it can also be viewed as invasive and offensive by others."