THE ACT (Lightbox)

This creepy new series is based on the true crime story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard whose mother Dee Dee is believed to have suffered Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, prompting her to treat her perfectly healthy daughter as though she was ill and disabled, until Gypsy finally got her revenge. This is not a spoiler - that's not even the point of the series, the real win is in the journey and the completely bonkers twists and turns that lead us to the end point. The Act premieres with a four-episode special today and will air weekly from now on.


Praise the TV gods, one of the best series of 2018 is returning for a second season on Monday. Killing Eve will pick up right where season one left us hanging, after Eve (the flawless Sandra Oh) stabbed Villanelle. This season sees the pair drawn even closer together and their relationship take on entirely new layers of complexity as their lives intertwine. Not only is season two on the way but if you needed a refresher of last season, all the episodes are yours for the bingeing right now, so you can catch up before things get wonderfully nuts all over again.

BARRY S2 (Neon)

Also returning for a second season is dark comedy Barry. This season sees hitman Barry further explore his passion in his local acting class which prompts him to attempt to escape his ties to the Chechen mob. But of course, leaving the underworld is easier said than done, especially as Barry juggles it all with his girlfriend Sally, his grieving acting coach Gene, and his former boss who is struggling to replace him. Like Killing Eve, season one is available to binge so you can play catch-up, and season two kicked off yesterday, with fresh episodes streaming weekly.


ON MY BLOCK S2 (Netflix)

And finally, another second seasoner, On My Block was probably one of the most criminally underrated shows of 2018. It follows the adventures of Monse, Cesar, Ruben and Jamal as they navigate teen life in "the hood" - from petty friend-group dramas and teen romance right through to Ocean's Eleven-style money laundering, gun violence and gang warfare. Here, the crew tries to save Cesar once again while also dealing with the fallout from last season's shooting. It's fun, emotional and woke as hell - and available to binge in full now.