When the final credits roll at the end of episode six of season eight, Game of Thrones will officially be over. But for the cast, it ended nearly a year ago, when they wrapped filming in June.

We sat down with the stars to ask how they felt farewelling Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke – Daenerys Targaryen

"This is my longest relationship - my relationship with Daenerys. When I look back on it now... there is a little bit of me that's like okay, I feel like maybe we found the right moment to end the show because you don't want the party to go on forever because people will get bored and leave. And so there's a little bit of that but the vast majority of it is just feeling... Unbelievably grateful that I got to have that experience. It's just incredible."

Jacob Anderson – Grey Worm

"I'm genuinely still finding it quite difficult to know how I feel about it... Six years of your life is a big thing. It just feels like a term of school where you go back every year, so this year was hard. Because we shot the season forever, by my last day I thought I was ready to go home. I was like 'I miss home'. I've got a puppy, I wanna go and hang out with my puppy and my wife.


"I just really wanted to go home, I was ready to go home, but then on the last day, the last shot, my last shot was with somebody else and we had to look at each other, it was their last shot as well. We couldn't get through it without crying... It wasn't until the very end, that very final moment that it was like 'oh woah, I'm gonna really miss this, everybody here'."

Liam Cunningham – Ser Davos Seaworth

"On set, there were a few of us that had our last day... It was very difficult to make eye contact with the other people that were finishing on that day. We were just trying to keep our heads down and get through the day and be professional and, as much as we could, put it out of our thoughts. Until [showrunners] Dave and Dan came on and handed everyone a beautiful gift and made individual speeches about us all... I did have a very big quiver in my voice that I was trying as much as I could to be anally retentive and not cry and just be macho, but no, not a f***ing hope."

John Bradley – Samwell Tarly

"I wrapped in May, so it was quite close to the end. And even up to then, up to lunchtime on that day, I was trying not to think about it... I got very upset and I cried, as a lot of other people did.

"I think my reaction took me by surprise, I didn't expect to get quite as emotional as I got. But I'm glad I did because that was how I was destined to react to it, completely unconsciously reacted like that and it was bittersweet."

Sophie Turner – Sansa Stark

"There's a certain nervousness that comes with finishing a show that has basically been your safety net for the past 10 years and leaving behind a character that has been so good for you and your career. Leaving that behind and having this open space to fill up in front of you is quite nerve-wracking but it's also really liberating."

Joe Dempsie – Gendry

"I shared my last day with a few others and at the end of the day, David and Dan would give little speeches and give us a present. I saw one of the other actors trying not to cry and that's the point at which... like I was fine and then I saw someone else try not to cry and I was in bits."

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