New Zealand model Georgia Fowler has been forced to defend herself after fans blasted her for failing to publicly make a statement regarding the Christchurch mosque shootings.

Fowler, 26, has been sharing photos from her Cayman Islands getaway on Instagram over the past four days, prompting many followers to accuse her of ignorance.

One fan wrote: "50 people dead in New Zealand and for the past four days all you've done is post pictures and videos of what a fantastic time you are having in Cayman Islands. You are famous and look how you are representing [your] country in a time of grief.

"Do you really think it's appropriate to be posting pictures of you in a bikini at a time like this? You are supposed to be a role model but instead you are an absolute embarrassment to New Zealand. You should be ashamed of yourself."


Another added: "You have the power to influence - use it."

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However Fowler was quick to respond to criticism saying: "I am devastated by what has happened in my country. Everyone is meant to be safe in our beautiful home. I just don't have the right words at this time and don't want to ever make it about me."

She had plenty of supporters on her side too with one pointing out how "wrong" it is "to shame someone in a public forum like this. You don't know what anyone else is thinking or feeling."

Another added: "[Georgia] deserves to post about her trip because she works so hard all year round and never complains... She may have mourned in private, not everything needs to be on social media."