Former children's television host Erin Simpson is facing a backlash after posting footage of herself having a "roady" in her car.

Taking to her social media last night, Simpson shared a selfie video of herself drinking from a can while sitting in the driver's seat of a parked car.

When a fan contacted her to express disgust, she insisted she wasn't driving.

In a video on her Instagram story, Simpson said she'd spent the week painting a three-bedroom townhouse.


She complained she had to move a "carload of crap" then picked up a can. "Gotta have a roady," she said.

A fan contacted Simpson saying she thought it was a bad "message" to send to "young ones".

"You're clearly in the car in the drivers side with an open can saying 'you gotta have a roadie' what message is that giving young ones?

"A public figure like yourself, I thought you know [sic] than putting shit like that on for all to see."

Simpson screenshotted the conversation with the fan and shared it on her story, saying she wasn't driving and noted that she also wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

Simpson has since deleted the stories and corresponding fan feedback.

In a statement, Simpson told the Herald it was "just a misunderstanding"

"It was meant to be funny because I wasn't driving but I understand some people don't (get) my jokes," she said.