A new initiative to keep punters safe is being trialled at Six60's mammoth concert this weekend.

A safe word has been revealed for fans to use if they feel they're in trouble during the gig, which is being held at Western Springs Stadium on Saturday night.

Organisers say anyone who would like "discreet assistance" can approach venue staff, including those at bar and food outlets, and ask for "Angela".

"They will know you need help and will be able to assist," they said.


Promoter Brent Eccles said the initiative came from similar music events overseas, and he believed it was the first time it had been used in New Zealand.

Along with the safe word, a phone number has also been set up for those feeling unsafe: text the word 'ASSIST' to 260 with a message and location for help.

More than 50,000 people are expected to attend Six60's record-breaking show, which has been sold out for months.