Fans are going wild after Amazon released the latest teaser for its new Lord of the Rings series - not a trailer, not even a photo, but a simple map.

The map of Middle Earth was revealed on Twitter, and according to fans, ventures far further afield than most J.R.R. Tolkien maps do and the fan theories are flying thick and fast over what it could all mean.

The tweet is captioned: "Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky," which has some wondering if the series could focus on the elves.

Fans have picked apart not only what is on the map, but what isn't, theorising everything from when and where it takes place, to who could be involved.


However, given the sheer magnitude of Tolkien's world and the fact that Amazon has very intentionally kept show details under wraps, it's impossible to know what - if anything - the map means.

Either way, it's certainly done its job, with fans taking to social media to express their excitement and get in on the conversation.

Early rumours suggested the series would focus on a young Aragorn, taking place long before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Unfortunately, fans won't get answers any time soon, as Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said the series wasn't tipped to release until 2021.